Are you finding that your garage door seems to be having some issues? If you’re not really interested or ready to replace your door, it may just need some servicing and maintenance. Routine maintenance will go a long way in ensuring a healthy lifespan of your garage door. Which is why in this article, we are going to review some of the more common garage door problems.

While we are reviewing some common issues here, there are some minor DIY options to help avoid a service fee. However, we always recommend safety above all else. Which is why if you are having any of these issues and find that the job is just too big, to play it safe and call the professionals. We’d much rather you take the appropriate steps to ensure your own safety and reduce the chances of additional damage coming to your garage door.


Garage Door Opener Isn’t Working

 The number one issue that everyone experiences from time to time is garage door opener failure. If you have a chain or drive-screw operated garage door opener, then chances are it is in need of some lubrication. Applying a generous amount of silicon-based lubricant or a spray specifically for the garage door along the entire length will certainly help reduce friction. Just be sure to wipe off the excess.


Garage Door Grinding Noises

Does your garage door grind when it opens and closes? This can be caused by a number of issues, including loose hardware, worn out parts or just squeaky areas. Typically where there is noise there is friction, so another application of lubrication placed directly on the squeaky area may help resolve this issue.


Noticeable Cracks And Gaps

Another more common issue seen in garage doors is cracks, gaps, and broken weather seals. A DIY manner of applying a temporary fix is to use a waterproof fill such as a sealant for the cracks. Just be sure you’re not blocking any gears or springs so as to avoid preventing proper usage of the door. When it comes to broken weather sealants you’re going to want to replace it.


Garage Door Can’t Make Up Its Mind!

If your garage door opens a little and then closes immediately, then it’s most likely the springs at the top of your garage door need replacing. If springs have been replaced within the past 3 years, then you’ll only need to focus on the broken ones.

For the opposite effect, if your garage door closes and then immediately opens again, you could have an alignment issue making your garage door think there are obstructions in the way. Be sure to confirm there are no debris beneath your garage door, and if you have photo-eyes – small devices that provide this safety feature – ensure they are working properly.


Call The Professionals

If you’ve found that you are experiencing these common issues, don’t hesitate to give the professionals a call! Right here at Straight Up Garage, we are here to help! We provide service and maintenance to garage doors and garage door openers. When it comes to fixing a garage door, it’s often better to be safe than sorry. When in doubt call Straight Up Garage!