Garage door openers don’t require much maintenance, but there are things you can do to ensure your opener keeps working reliably and smoothly. Below are two of the most important tasks to perform:

Lubricate Opener Chain

If your garage door opener uses a chain mechanism to open and close the door, it will need to be periodically lubricated. Lubricating a chain mechanism isn’t difficult, but you need to use the right lubricant for the job.

To lubricate the chain, smear a quarter-sized amount of lightweight grease, such as that used for cars or bicycle chains, along the entire length of the chain. Use your fingers to spread the grease, and wipe away excess with a shop towel or rag.

In addition, apply a paper-thin coat of grease along the inside of the opener chain rail. This will prevent wear on the chain during opening and closing. As before, use your rag to remove excess grease from the rail.

Clean and Adjust Electric Eyes

Another maintenance task that will help keep your garage door operating smoothly is to clean and adjust the electric eyes. These electric eyes are actually photoelectric sensors that use a beam of infrared light to monitor whether someone or something crosses the door threshold.

To clean the electric eyes, use a microfiber cloth dampened with distilled water to wipe down the lenses on both the sender and receiver. Be careful not to apply too much force while wiping, as you may dislodge the sensors and knock them completely out of alignment.

Next, check the electric eyes for proper alignment by looking at the LED indicators on each one. These LEDs will usually light up “green” if they are properly aligned. If one or both LEDs are yellow or red in color, you can be sure there is an alignment problem, and the devices will need to be adjusted. Reference your garage door opener manual for help with realigning the electric eyes.

If you need help with your garage door opener, including maintenance or repair, be sure to contact Straight Up Garage Doors for help. We are available to assist you and can resolve any garage door issues you may have.